Adventurer's Labradors & PWD's consists of me and my husband Juhani and a bunch of Labrador Retrievers and Portuguese waterdogs. In addition to these dogs living with us we also co-own and own dogs under breeding terms.

1988 when we bought our first Labrador, black male Carrier Vippaskonsti "Tomi", we took him only to keep us company, but pretty soon we started taking him and the ones that came after him to shows, field trials, tracking etc. Our Tomi, a dearly loved leader of the gang, passed away 1999 at the age of 11.5.

1994 we had our first Labrador Retriever litter and 2009 our first Portuguese waterdog litter. Adventurer's Labradors & PWD's has had, with the help of our puppyowners, a lot of success in various fields.

Our main idea in breeding is to breed healthy, typical Labrador Retrievers and Portuguese waterdogs with excellent temperaments. The dogs we've bred are companions and familymembers in their homes and in addition to this they can easily be trained to become working dogs in different areas if the owner so wishes.

My husband Juhani has also been qualified to judge bloodtracking tests and for years he has put great inthusiasm and dedication to this work of his.